December 2022

1000 Days was an interactive event that was run on December 17, 2022, in the context of the project Reports From Unknown Places About Undescribable Places, in celebration of 1000 days of reports. It was run simultaneously on Twitter and Mastodon, using polls. It was reformatted and exported through Twine.

September 2022

September 15th: Release of World Ending Game by Everest Pipkin (illustration)

September 17th: Release of Nos Jours Brûlés - Les Flammes ivoire by Laura Nsafou (Albin Michel Jeunesse) (Book cover and illustrations)

April 2022

April 29th: Release of The Sound of What Went Wrong by Waxflower (cover art for an EP)

March 2022

March 24th: Release of The Drama Scene by Waxflower (cover art for a single)

February 2022

February 16th: Release of Ring by Waxflower (cover art for a single)

January 2022

January 14th: Release of Departures by Oatmello and Tah (cover art for an EP)

September 2021:

September 27th: Feature in Sequestrum (digital literature magazine).

September 20th: Feature and interview in Vagabond City (digital literature magazine).

September 15th: Release of Nos Jours Brûlés by Laura Nsafou (Albin Michel Jeunesse) (Book cover and illustrations)

November 2021

November 16th: Interview (FR) in #monanalyse (French blog)

November 10th: Release of Soak by Waxflower (cover art for a single).