Ninn Salaün

April 2022

April 29th: Release of The Sound of What Went Wrong by Waxflower (cover art for an EP)

March 2022

March 24th: Release of The Drama Scene by Waxflower (cover art for a single)

February 2022

February 16th: Release of Ring by Waxflower (cover art for a single)

January 2022

January 14th: Release of Departures by Oatmello and Tah (cover art for an EP)

September 2021:

September 27th: Feature in Sequestrum (digital literature magazine).

September 20th: Feature and interview in Vagabond City (digital literature magazine).

September 15th: Release of Nos Jours Brûlés by Laura Nsafou (Albin Michel Jeunesse) - Book cover and illustrations

November 2021

November 16th: Interview (FR) in #monanalyse (French blog)

November 10th: Release of Soak by Waxflower (cover art for a single).